Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hal and the trip to Paradise and Word Search.

It takes a lot of time to develop a worthwhile program. Word search is not complete and won't be for another year or more. Even more  for the 3d trip to Paradise that works on smartphones. It will though, unless I'm gone from this world or simply can't work any longer.

For the last few months I've spent most of my time developing Hal, my automation program, splitting some time for the word search. Hal was used in the creation of the trip to paradise, which only worked on Windows and Linux and didn't have much of an audience, although the people who used it liked it. Now the world has moved on to smartphones and tablets. Hal automated the Power Plant at Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa and still runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The thing about desktop computers, except for Linux, there's no easy installation system like Google Play and Apple Store that are tested for viruses so the trust level is pretty low. Android and Apple, though, test the installable programs for viruses and trojans, so it is safe to install and not worry about these major problems.

Most of my work has been on desktops and I've done quite a few programs for many a company since 1981 or so. The Word Search program is basically a desktop program that can run on smartphones. It will, though, be converted to a more modern user interface and will look prettier and be more friendly. I had to get it working though, and so I put off the conversion to QML from Qt, a nice phone interface, because I didn't need it. Using the interface, though, has so many limitations that it's time to make the switch. Hal will also take the switch to this new interface system and the trip to paradise will be done in it also. Although I don't have the time for the trip to Paradise as I am currently updating Hal to work with cameras and after that Hal will then use artificial intelligence in many of it's systems. I will split my time about 80/20 between Hal and the Urantia work like the word search system. 80 Hal, 20 Urantia.

Anyway I'll be updating this blog fairly often now.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

QML time

There are two main bugs on word search. After those I will begin the conversion to QML language for the interface on the word search. That way it'll be more friendly to smartphones.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Urantia Book Search Fixes and PIctures

1. Added Title to Main Window

2. Changed Thesaurus entry to a list so that it can be clicked and added to words on a double clicked.

3. Add to the Thesaurus word clicked to the query box.

4. Fixed Content book tree. Foreword still doesn't show up unless a word appears in it.

This the main Word Query page

When reference tab is click

 When paragraph tab is clicked

 If a reference is double clicked, the book opens

This is the content tree

Notice the papers aren't sorted. Another bug.

And this is the book after paper is selected

Windows Alpha Urantia Book Search is ready for installation

The Urantia Book Search system is working on Windows and Linux.

The search system can do multiple words existing in a paragraph and then present those in a table form and also in a paragraph form.

This is what it currently does beyond finding the references for typed in words

1. When the words are typed or selected from the full word list, a list of thesaurus words appear below for the last word entered.

2. The thesaurus is restricted to the words within the book

3. When the references tab is clicked, It lists out your references into a table which can be then clicked to jump within full text text of the book for that reference. 

4. The paragraph tab is a list of all the paragraphs where your search words exist.

5. The tree tab opens a tree that lists a table of contents that can be clicked on and it opens the book at that spot.

If you copy and paste this into your browser it will download. Then you can install it. There are several problems but I wanted to get you started early.

Here's a list of problems

1. It won't put an entry into the start menu. Yuk. Big onee. I'm just sending this to you raw and as is. It's the first to fix on the list.

2. On the tree tab. It takes a couple of minutes to fill in the tree entries below the 4 main parts. If you click on them before that, they won't reopen the submenu trees until your restart the program.

3. Since it doesn't place an entry into the start menu yet, you have to go to "c:\Users\Your logon name folder" and create a desktop shortcut of UrantiaBookSearch.exe and copy that over to your desktop. 

4. I named the install exe the same as the search executable so...... duh.

5. In options the enlarge text doesn't work yet.

I'll fix as time goes by

Here's a list of things to do.

1. AND OR NOT search capabilities

2. When you click on a thesaurus entry it should add them to the search.

3. Add search capabilities instead of just paragraph (block) matches, match to the pages and also match to within a number of words away from each other.

4. Android and Apple smartphones and Apple desktops

5. Folio like notes that are saved on your drive and maybe over the net for others to see if you elect to. This could be a centralized system for everyone to share information. Probably in a tree form on the Internet so that text and graphics can be drilled down easily by anyone.

6. The page references within the full text are a too small.

7. Create French, Spanish and Russian search programs. Make sure it's OK with the Foundation before moving on those. 

8. Maybe Open source the programs through so that other programmers can help with programming new features.

9. When you click on a paragraph, it should open the full text at that paragraph.

If you have any questions or ideas please let me know at

Pierre Chicoine

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Getting Urantia search engine program installations working

The Urantia word index search engine and thesaurus works and is ready for a preliminary alpha. All that's left is to get the installs done.

Found my Windows, Linux, Apple desktop installations I had working in January. Will bring those up to speed and place on the Internet for download.

Tried my hand this week at getting an install for Android. I'm having some major difficulties getting the Google Studio for Android working on Linux. I may try to a Windows box to create the Android system, that appears more refined than the Linux Google Android setup system.

Persistence, persistence, persistence. No matter the difficulty, persistence makes it all work.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


I'm putting the Urantia book search system on Android app store as soon as it's ready.

Could only put in about 4 hours today. It's Marlene's birthday party today so tomorrow is another day and I think we're going to the beach. Monday, I'm at the Aquaponics farm so Tuesday is the next day of being able to attempt to put the index on Android.

Since I'm doing Urantia book stuff I think I'll revisit the trip to Paradise in 3d and see how far I can get with that one. Although I believe that engine may have to wait till November when my sdk releases it's next version which I hope supports a better implementation of 3d. SDK, that's a programming environment or software development kit.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Index and Thesaurus of Urantia book.

I mentioned to Susan Cook that I had a word index search system of the Urantia book and it incorporates a thesaurus in it with a table of contents.

Had to search through my archives but I found it. You can search the Urantia book by typing in words and the current word shows a thesaurus result also.

It works in Linux. I need to recompile in Windows and Android.  Need an install system. Hope it won't take long. 

I believe I can do more than just find paragraphs where the words appear.  There's find words that appear a certain distance away from each other. Words that are on the same page, etc. 

Also there's a lot of cleanup to do

Maybe within the week.

Pierre Chicoine