Monday, August 22, 2011

Native Client 3d getting closer

It's getting closer now. Native Client and QT are getting closer to working with all the trimmings. I've been working on the automation side exclusively. This project won't get off the ground without money and I expect 3d automation to make significant amounts. It's one of the ways the community will be convinced of the power of 3d in the future of this planet's knowledge.

The brain thinks in 3d not just with text. Immediate direct results occur when the brain sees animated environments. We don't have all the techniques that will be used to impart human knowledge, even revelation. We have not, as yet, come to grips with this fantastic new power.

Hollywood and the gaming companies are though, just beginning. What they are doing with 3d, though, is paltry in comparison to what the marriage of machine and artificial intelligence are about to bring to our world. This age of animated knowledge will lead us into a newborn freedom from toil and war,disease and ignorance. When it has come to a completion, all humanity will speak the same language: Peace on Earth and goodwill to humankind.

This is not far away.You who look to a dismal future should contrast the past and use that same contrast to envision this amazing and adventurous new age. It is an age of wonder and thrills.

If you are a fundamentalist in your religion or use science to close the vistas of eternity, take note that particles don't give birth to being. If you believe that thing is primary to being or that there is no such thing as a free will being then l cannot help you to see the beauty of the nature of eternity. Only time and experience with little children can help you. Parent a child with a lot of practical love and then you have a chance at understanding the love of the father of life.

Love is more than just a way of life. Love is the very fabric by which all beings reflect and co-create life.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The waiting game

Nothing much has changed in the last 3 months. Just waiting for Google's Native Client to release 3d capability. They've added file input and output and have stabilized the program but not enough for me to release anything. So that's it. Wait some more. Working on my automation engine.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Desktop vs Internet using Native Client and QT

Desktop software, that's where all the power used to be. As far as capability, no Internet program can hope to match what has and probably will be created for some time on desktop software platforms. That, though, is changing.

For my 3d artificial brain to be viewed and edited, you need 3d. No way around that one. That means it had to run on the desktop because the Internet did not have the capability to run 3d software. Look at the games of  Facebook, they are basically 2d games. They can't compare to the huge games of the desktop or console, which is really a desktop with a different face. 3d took games from simple views to elaborate environments where effects splash across the screen in dazzling arrays. When the Internet begins running 3d, the entire face of the Internet will change.

I've worked since around 1980-81 creating platforms for the desktop, automating many businesses, eventually getting into 3d around 1990. Not until 1996, would I say I was getting my 3d chops working well. The math is incredible.

My automation system is second to none. I've looked at all the systems out there and I can say without a doubt, no one comes close to what I've created. Hands down. But all the power I've created has very little market value without huge outlays of cash compete on the automation market. They are really locked into standards that are old and outdated but are really dependable. I don't blame them.

This may be a little out of focus for Urantia but not really. I cannot hope to create anything substantial with the Urantia book without the monies needed to accomplish the dreams I have for it. Will I succeed, who knows? I push the lever of the machine with all my strength. Will it move and start the machine? On this planet, nothing is assured.

Native Client is very important here. Without it, I would have to rewrite 15 years of work. Using the current Internet tools, anything I create,  in my current estimate, is still inferior to what I've done already using desktop tools. Using Native Client, I can place the Virtual Urantia system on the Net and give others the capability to add their piece of the puzzle right from their browser. And do it with my current QT system. A visualized 3d wiki of the book, so to speak. It also gives me the capability to view and control the home, business, power plant, factory floor and even the internals of  the human body in living, real-time 3d using simple sensors that view blood pressure as color and size changes to the veins and arteries of the body or if a window is open. It can alarm on your cell phone when you're on a beach in the Bahamas when someone rings your door bell and you can open the door from that same cell phone. And use a 3d viewing environment for the control. Click on the door and open it. Same for Jerusem, click on it and the book opens with all the entries for Jerusem at your disposal.

You can view the architectural spheres of Jerusem and travel through the circles. The thing is, I have the system that can do just that and it can do it now. It's not pie in the sky, it's real. You can download it at and try it yourself. The brain's working of the system is hidden, though, as I want the language of the brain to remain hidden until I have a fully working system on the Internet.

Anyway, a couple of months ago, Native Client needed three things to have my system running in a browser. File I/O, Peer to Peer (P2P) and 3d.  File I/O is done, that is, with Internet restrictions (needed for security). P2P is not working very well yet but I've found my way of using it. And last but not the least, 3d. That is not ready and I hope it will be by the end of the year so that I can begin the transition on to the Net. I have already created the databased, sign in and password creation system.

It's getting closer.

Pierre Chicoine