Monday, August 22, 2011

Native Client 3d getting closer

It's getting closer now. Native Client and QT are getting closer to working with all the trimmings. I've been working on the automation side exclusively. This project won't get off the ground without money and I expect 3d automation to make significant amounts. It's one of the ways the community will be convinced of the power of 3d in the future of this planet's knowledge.

The brain thinks in 3d not just with text. Immediate direct results occur when the brain sees animated environments. We don't have all the techniques that will be used to impart human knowledge, even revelation. We have not, as yet, come to grips with this fantastic new power.

Hollywood and the gaming companies are though, just beginning. What they are doing with 3d, though, is paltry in comparison to what the marriage of machine and artificial intelligence are about to bring to our world. This age of animated knowledge will lead us into a newborn freedom from toil and war,disease and ignorance. When it has come to a completion, all humanity will speak the same language: Peace on Earth and goodwill to humankind.

This is not far away.You who look to a dismal future should contrast the past and use that same contrast to envision this amazing and adventurous new age. It is an age of wonder and thrills.

If you are a fundamentalist in your religion or use science to close the vistas of eternity, take note that particles don't give birth to being. If you believe that thing is primary to being or that there is no such thing as a free will being then l cannot help you to see the beauty of the nature of eternity. Only time and experience with little children can help you. Parent a child with a lot of practical love and then you have a chance at understanding the love of the father of life.

Love is more than just a way of life. Love is the very fabric by which all beings reflect and co-create life.

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