Thursday, September 15, 2011

An update

Wow! It's been a while since my latest update. Hopefully in the next couple of months Native Client will release the ability to do 3d on the Internet using my computer language (c++), so I can release the Virtual Urantia beginnings.

I'm still here writing c++ code in this tiny little room watching the ants searching for the smell of my half eaten muffin. I feel like a gnome that no one has visited for 20 years. Or like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz clicking shoes together saying 'I will release, I will release. I swear it'

I think I must be the most persistent person I've ever known.

A lot of noise about Native Client lately. I've waited a long time for this to be real. A developer like me can wait for years for technology like this to come around. It's a very strange feeling to create a program that only a few people have seen and several people who were showing an interest have gone on to Mansonia.

I've typed in 11 million characters of code. It's been so satisfying to create something that will help shape the world. That's my hope anyway. My previous projects helped shape the world of computing before the Internet was born.

When I started this project, before using it for the 'Virtual Urantia' project, there was no Internet. No one I knew had heard of a cell phone. Your phone was still wired to the wall and no one had heard of Facebook. 1 gigabyte drive was huge.

Can you imagine the next decade?

Anyway, I'm still coding, excitedly anxious of the coming changes that will catapult us into this new age of freedom. Long live automation, long live the Urantia Book.

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