Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Joy yet

Back to the drawing  board. Since I can't Qt working on Native Client, I'm going to go back to what I know best until they've resolved their problems with getting Qt working on Native Client.

First thing up on the agenda is the trip to Paradise capability to start from planet earth, zoom out to the Solar System and then move in one clean swoop to Jerusem and do the same thing all the way to Paradise.

Here I'll kill cure two problems at once. First, the world of browsers only allow one window at a time for each program. So I'm creating a Master Scene that has the ability to create independent scenes and make them appear as if they we're part of the same scene. For instance: Let's say we have an Earth scene and we want to switch to the Solar System scene. With the right positions, re-sizing and transitions, bringing in the Solar System scene and removing the Earth scene can be done with the appearance that they are all the same scene. And this can be carried on all the way up to Paradise, making the trip a fluid trip from start to finish.

The same goes for automation. You can be viewing your entire factory or home and when you click on a certain machine, the 3d scene that animates and controls that machine can then appear in the factory scene without appearing to be a separate scene. In a home, you could switch to your washing machine or TV scene and make your changes and then on exiting, it would revert back to your home scene.

That will take me at least a month to get that working properly and it'll be fun every step of the way. Researching why something should work or not work when you're using someone else's program is not as much fun as creating it for yourself.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Qt on Native Client

Qt on Native Client

Well I'm starting from scratch on Native Client so that I can get Qt running so that I can start changing my system. I've decided it is such an overwhelming effort that I would describe my musings on this jagged road.

The blog is at : If you can stand the machinations of a mind in search of an answer at the core level of the difficulties of a developer like me then this is the place to see my meanderings.

Anyway I'm a week past my reflux and hyatal hernia surgery and I'm reinvigorated to get my system in front of the world.