Monday, August 20, 2018


A lot has happened in the last month since my last post.

I needed to begin accumulation of sensor information from multiple remote Raspberry Pi/Arduino combo systems. Who would have thought it would be so involved. Days drift by, then weeks, then months. And still, only partial success.

About 7 years ago, I started the transition from desktop to embedded. I had a fully working desktop 3d scene viewer and schematic block control system that was fully functional using Wago and National Instruments sensor systems. Now, after 7 years of work, embedded is only partially working, that is, the control environment works great, the 3d side and the authoring side, well, are pitiful.

The exclusively desktop system wasn't bug free,  but, at least, it worked flawlessly after being authored.

I have to admit  though, I've added a tremendous amount of changes. The system now supports inexpensive sensors. It works on Raspberry Pis, on Android and Linux and Windows and Apple desktop operating systems and it speaks remotely. I believe I'll be able to release to the maker community when the remoting side is finished. I believe they need something like Hal.

Currently, when using multiple Arduinos on one Raspberry Pi, the Usb ports rename themselves and then Hal can't find the right sensors. It might be the last big bug, who knows? That should be the last block keeping remoting from working.

I'm back to thinking I'm going to give away the 27 years of work I've devoted to Hal.