Monday, April 22, 2013

The Nature of the Father

The fact of being is greater than all other realities. No other concept is equivalent in any form. If you are, then you have everything, if you aren't, then you have nothing. If you lose yourself, you have lost everything.

Many are convinced that you can harm without repercussion. By harming life, you harm yourself.  The true rules are the rules of the father. In answering why the father allows temporary trouble, I usually answer something like this: He would not destroy eternity to keep one planet happy by breaking the rules of time and space. Because of his love for other civilizations, he is willing to allow you to wreak temporary havoc. His love allows the temporary pain of a lost civilization.

All that you experience around you, at this moment, is the expression of your self in co-creation with the beings who have reached perfection. Your environment does not exist outside of you. This delusion is predicated upon thing gaining capacity of being and the temporary reliance on science and it's grasp of the lower levels of reality.

Thing is the momentary scaffolding upon which your being experiences other beings in eternity. Things, that is, the universe, is re-created moment by moment by your temporary adaptation to beings who are partially reflecting eternity in a moment by moment reflection that causes what you consider your environment. Eternity, then, is created moment by moment for your pleasure. 

The fullness of your environment is predicated upon your capacity for reality, that is, your capacity to Love.Do the right thing everyday and your capacity will grow. When you do this, your environment will morph into it's true reality, the self-hood of paradise. Step by step, your adventure will grow. You will awaken, step by step, to the fact that you are real! Your currently closed spiritual sight , which beckons you to awaken, will arise like a true child of eternity.

YOU ARE MORE THAN HUMAN BUT NOTHING I SAY TO YOU will convince you otherwise. You must earn the privilege of knowing yourself. You must believe with everything that is you and your true eyes will open and you will see that your eternal family was around you all along. They, your true loves in eternity, have never left your side. Nor will they ever, as you are more beautiful that you can possibly imagine. Your are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. You are real, you are Love.

Pierre  April 2013