Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NPAPI and artificial thoughts

Got most of the brain basics into the new Internet system and no major glitches. Now I'm moving the thought structures next. These next few weeks are exciting to say the least. It all works as naturally as can be. I work until my eyes start de-focusing  the computer screen. It's simply amazing.

I will go to Native Client when it's ready or at least be able to work on it and NPAPI for everyone that can't run it. That could be years from now. They will need to solve situations with file access and storage, P2P client communication and scores of other problems that have to be overcome for me to use it.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It WORKS!!!!!!!!

Just got done testing 3d on my browser. Works well in Firefox and Chrome, Internet Explorer is next. Also, I have to do a separate compile on Linux, Windows, Apple, Android and all manner of cell phones and then up some up-front work so that the browsers know which one to send to your machine. Doesn't matter, my foot is in the door.

Years of waiting and now it's in my hand and it works. I am blown away.

Think I'll put the Urantia Book reader/index/search engine up first. It's tough to keep my excitement level down.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Lightning strikes with NPAPI

Wow. Knowledge is power? I've been complaining and lamenting that I couldn't use C++ on the Internet.  How could I have missed NPAPI. It's called a plugin and it allows you to run C++ code in the browser. It is ubiquitous. I've used it many times without knowing what it really was. A good example is a game called Quake. You can test it at It is in full glorious 3d and it works really well.

And, it's been around since almost the beginning of the Internet. My frustration was completely unfounded. If I had just looked closer.........................

I thought I had to rewrite my program to use it in a plugin. It turns out that my software development kit has a plugin creator called QtBrowserPlugin and it allows me to put my system on the Internet. What??????????????????!!!!!!!!!

Free at last. Tonight I begin...................