Monday, April 16, 2012

Lightning strikes with NPAPI

Wow. Knowledge is power? I've been complaining and lamenting that I couldn't use C++ on the Internet.  How could I have missed NPAPI. It's called a plugin and it allows you to run C++ code in the browser. It is ubiquitous. I've used it many times without knowing what it really was. A good example is a game called Quake. You can test it at It is in full glorious 3d and it works really well.

And, it's been around since almost the beginning of the Internet. My frustration was completely unfounded. If I had just looked closer.........................

I thought I had to rewrite my program to use it in a plugin. It turns out that my software development kit has a plugin creator called QtBrowserPlugin and it allows me to put my system on the Internet. What??????????????????!!!!!!!!!

Free at last. Tonight I begin...................


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