Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Index and Thesaurus of Urantia book.

I mentioned to Susan Cook that I had a word index search system of the Urantia book and it incorporates a thesaurus in it with a table of contents.

Had to search through my archives but I found it. You can search the Urantia book by typing in words and the current word shows a thesaurus result also.

It works in Linux. I need to recompile in Windows and Android.  Need an install system. Hope it won't take long. 

I believe I can do more than just find paragraphs where the words appear.  There's find words that appear a certain distance away from each other. Words that are on the same page, etc. 

Also there's a lot of cleanup to do

Maybe within the week.

Pierre Chicoine

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Jan 2014

In January of 2014 I awoke in the middle of the night to a concept that will, for the rest of my life, be the guide to understanding everything that was, is and ever will be. I've found that the concept is so simple as to evoke feelings of simplicity so I am timid in my presentation till the full force of the concept has been laid out. To explain it is very complicated, to experience is simple.

We are. To most humans this is a ridiculously simple concept. It is assumed that the Universe exists on it's own and that it is the foundation of life. Looking through the telescope of my being this is so obviously backward. The nature of being is far too over-embracing as to be based on particles of sub-atomic makeup, the matter/energy realm.

Look inside yourself and you will, if diligent and dutiful to the truth, realize that life is based on the personal reality of a being rather than the dead rocks and particles of space.

If there was no being there would be no beingness. How could life be if there wasn't a being to recognize the conceptual reality of beingness? Science does not explain the uncaused cause of causes. It is, though, very powerful in removing what religion isn't. Fundamental religious beliefs of an Atheist is, for me, just as fundamentalistic as those who believe the father of life would allow his children to burn forever for a mistake made while the child was blind, that is, as a creature. Both beliefs are fundamentalistic. In regards to Atheism, I've found that most beliefs in these automatonic views are based on an unconscious reaction to fundamentalistic religions. Because of this, they are basically blameless. But before I sound too condemning please understand that if you are sincere, I support your belief as I know that it will lead back to the nature of true reality, the father of life.

Eternity is personal not impersonal. It is impossible for eternity to be impersonal. The very foundation of life is based on there being a being who can recognize the fact of life. Because of this basic nature of life then it follows that there must, in all regards, be a father that causes life in an uncaused way.  To say that he is a God would almost be an insult as he is so personal that the thought of not loving his children as a father would be foreign to his nature.

Now, if you've read this far, then let me try to explain the deep conceptual view that awakened me that fateful night. The father of life 'is' life because life is personal. The core of being starts with one being and only one being. That is the only way that it can be. There are only two alternatives, beingness or Nullness. Since life 'is', then Nullness is not, and so the father 'is'. If you look deep inside yourself you'll see that this is the only way. This is the personal proof that there is a father to life. A source of all that is.

Don't be fooled by the elaborate start of the scientific way. Science (matter/energy) leads to meanings and philosophy (mind) and mind leads to the awareness of Amness (spirit) and spirit leads to the personal (The I AM).

No longer is my foundation the Earth beneath my feet. My foundation is the family that represents every concept that envelops my existence. Life is determined moment by moment because it is being recreated in every moment in an extremely unique way. It is based on the communication of your family that exists around you, life is co-created. Every concept in eternity is a being. This is the way the father creates and experiences life, through his children. Through the unique lens that is you. Even the shadows around you are completely unique to the person next to you. Cannot you rise to the fact that life is unique moment to moment and everything is different from the prior moment? You cannot live in the past nor the future, that is an impossibility. You have only lived in the now and it is completely dynamic. The only reason concepts appear uniform is that there 'cause' is uniform. The beings that 'are' the concepts that you experience will always be those concepts and even though you can only experience a shadow, a sliver of what you will co-create with these beings, it is real.

One day you will stand in the presence of the father and through him you will see every personal pattern of existence, every concept, that is, every being.

 The father is love.

Pierre Chicoine