Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The New World of the Internet. (15 years removed)

Did I miss the boat or what? I've spent 15 years on desktop programming while the net came alive. What was I thinking? Yes, the internet was weak in processing power. Yes, it couldn't do much 3d. Yes, it couldn't do much form processing at high speeds from database and yes it's UI was pitiful in the beginnings. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I continued to enhance my capabilities on the desktop, the Internet was becoming powerful and I had no idea. First, it was a way to communicate from the very beginning but now, it's becoming the new desktop and I should have been ready to understand the new languages of the Internet, especially since they we're basically close to the C++ language.

Well, a big Duh for me.

No more. I'm becoming proficient at PHP and at whatever else I need to interface to my program. On the automation side, which will be used for Urantia stuff too, I have my password database and input system written in the language of the Internet, using my favorite desktop database: Postgres.

Wow. Things have changed. I can store encrypted forms of the password and not even know what the password is and not worry about anyone getting the database as they can only see the encrypted forms of their password. It's absolutely genius. These guys know what they are doing. I can use these to help people communicate with each other.

The Internet still doesn't belong to the user. It belongs to the people who have servers. Do you have a server on the net? Probably not. Being hosted doesn't count for direct communication with your friend's computers. With the birth of IPV6, everyone will be able to communicate with each other over the Internet without using some intermediary. It's almost here and it is a step in the evolutionary process of the planet. I will not miss this one, no way!!!!!!!!!!!! It means you can talk directly to your friends, that is, voice and video calling and so much more. Cameras at your house and a million other ways of doing things. My favorite, of course, since it is what I've done most of my life: Automation and viewing of real-time events like a window opening. Imagine sitting on the beach in Borneo and your cell phone alarms you that someone you know is ringing your front door bell and when you look, you can talk to them and unlock the front door so that they can go in and feed the dog.

Anyway. At 60, I'm still learning. Can't wait for Native Client though, it will bring the power of the work I've done for 3 decades to the Internet.

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