Friday, January 21, 2011

Finding words in the Urantia Book and the web

It's getting really close now. I can see the traffic on Native Client going up everyday and I know it's going to happen. This time, I'll have a way of putting the system on the net. It's a sure thing since it's my programming that'll be there.

Right now, you can find multiple words that exist together in the Urantia Book in a paragraph. Fairly easy stuff to do by todays standards. But I'll dig a lot deeper than that. As it stands right now, you can jump really rapidly to any part of the book by using the index. And you can do stuff like make the font large and stuff like that. More, though, is coming. For instance, tell me how far away from a word you want me to look irrespective of paragraph or page. If you choose 200, for instance, I'll give you every 2 or more words that exist within 200 words from each other in the book. For instance 'love' and 'father' 200 words from each other. But there's more, that's just the beginning. Synonyms: Ask for a 'house' and 'Matthew' 300 words from each other and I'll give you  everywhere home, house, abode and place exist 300 words away from Matthew. I did this sort of thing for the publishing system at Douglas aircraft with very little difficulty. Put quotes around some words and I'll give you only the ones that are exact in the book.

Create PDF's of only certain parts of the book. Save notes alongside of your favorite parts and I'll index those also so you can search through your notes. And do this from any computer on the net. I'll have you password protected so that you can hide the notes you don't want seen but any you want shared, you can mark those notes public and the system will pass those on to Urantia book readers and index those also. With the language and the experience I have, I'll be able to do some really wonderful things.

And then when you're feeling artistic, you'll be able to add to a library of Urantia 3d information graphically animated directly on the Internet.

And when you're really feeling like you want to program animated or automated views that connect directly to the book, you can create ways of accessing the book that we have no idea could have existed. You can also take those ways and present them in your own user interface using QML from the QT toolkit. Your graphical ways of animating and connecting buttons will cause things to take place from the Urantia Book. For example, a page full of buttons that start animations, videos, audio or text information relating to Life Carriers. I can't wait to share this programming effort on the Net and have people take advantage of it.

Part of my plan is to make it really easy for Urantia people to intercommunicate about the material of the book. Can you imagine people actually interplaying with the stuff of the book instead of concerning themselves with having to organize, which, of course, is a noble endeavor?

I have a lot of dreams driving me.

Soon now, Native Client will release and my Internet problems will have changed overnight. It's going to be a really fantastic year. If something happens to me, then maybe my dream won't happen but it won't be because I haven't given myself to this endeavor with everything in my heart. This book is just too beautiful. I have to give everything I have to open it's doors to humanity. I can only believe the Universe (Seraphims) are behind me.

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