Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scene Objects and Jerusem Circles

It is in the middle of these times of hardship that we find ourselves. Transitions are always difficult but remember, we're evolving towards perfection and these times are very special. They remove the weeds out of the garden. Failure is the only true mirror of your character. It is from failure that you are freed to decide a new direction for your purpose. These are the times when you find the ones who are sincere in the love for you. It is also the moments where you find more humility from the embarrassment of the lesser side of life. Find someone to love and help them with all sincerity or allow someone to love and help you.

Fixed a few problems with the keyboard manipulation of scenes. Did some code documentation and cleaned up code manipulating the display of complex objects. The initial stages of Qt3d working, very unstable. I still haven't been able to get a good Jerusem object that looks decent into the system. It looks good in Blender but is really bad looking when moving it to the system.

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