Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Menu Pictures

Most of the menus are working now. Buttons appear at the bottom of the screen that can be clicked to do various things on the screen. These are all in 3d.They appear and disappear depending on which buttons are clicked. A small button appears at the bottom right of the screen when the screen is touched. When it's touched, the menu  appears and disappears.

Wow, it sure takes a long time to create the little pictures on the top of the buttons. I'll be working on some effect when they're clicked.

Figured out how to present the word index screen on small cell phone screens. When searching for a word in the book, just a few things will appear on screen relating to the word(s) chosen. First a list of all words in the book that changes as they type in the words in an edit box.

Also next to the edit box is the amount of paragraphs, the combination of words appear in the book. All these are working and are instantaneously updated.

They'll be three more windows that appear. The reference table showing paper, section, subject and is clickable.

The third window will be a list of paragraph with all text with words searched for highlighted.

The fourth screen is the full book text. Here using a tree, you can jump immediately to any section of the book.

These work just fine in the desktop world but not on a small screen so each screen is separated according to function.

Soon now, Native Client will give me the power to do this. There will be problems at first. One big one will be the time it takes to show the initial program screen whenever I update the program.

Until Google supports separating the programs in pieces, the entire program will download the first time its accessed. To keep that from hindering the user, I'll place revisions on new separate pages. That way, you'll know you have a small wait time for the latest changes to take effect. When they have upgraded to this capability, the wait will be shortened significantly.

Want to mention that I can see very few issues with indexing and using the index with different languages. The program will work pretty easily when creating for Spanish, French or whatever.

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