Sunday, March 6, 2011

Menus,menus, menus

Well, I'm still waiting for Native Client to release it's file and 3d version so I'm creating the menu system that will work on mobiles and desktops alike. That means you can't put a lot of information on the screen at the same time. For instance: If you have a word to look up in the book, the small amount of real estate on the phone keeps you from putting all the references for that word on the screen so a compromise is needed.

First you put the information on just the word like how many times it appears in the book and maybe a small list box that shows all the words in the book and stopping at the closest word being typed in so they know how to type in what's already in the book along with a couple of buttons, one for direct references in a list and the other for paragraphs where they appear.

When they press the button for paper, section and paragraph references then you then place that list on the screen. If press the button for direct paragraph references then you put all those paragraphs on the screen where they appear together and highlight the words chosen. Here we can put a button to enlarge or shrink the text. You really need that feature on a small screen, especially when you ask for the whole book to read. Those settings are saved locally so that whatever computer you're on, it'll remember the text size.

Anyway, I have the scene selection, scene design, system help  and the like on screen with buttons on the bottom of the screen that can scroll when there are more menu items than what can show. there's a few bugs left but I'm sure I'll be handling them in the next few days.

I hope they release 3d at the same time as file access as the menus are all 3d based buttons. I still don't have any pictures on them (textures as they call them), just the text below the buttons so I'll have to get that working after I have a stable menu system.

Also wanted to mention. I think I can create an Spanish and French index pretty easily using the same software so I think I'll have those on a different URL page. We'll see.

Nothing but fun here.

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