Friday, December 2, 2011

Hopefully by the end of the year !!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Wow. Eventful 2 weeks. I'm close to getting Native Client working. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"m getting closer to release. I'm hoping before Christmas but I doubt it. The start will be there but the 3d will be kind of primitive for a while.


  1. Awesome... glad to see others trying to bring these sort of ideas to life... I am a visual artist among other things, a reader of course, and I have long found that the book seems to lend itself perfectly to being mapped or turned into diagrams, visually representing the concepts already happens in our imagination in our heads when we read... but seeing an actual mind-map or diagram illustration of the concepts of the book is an excellent teaching tool and educational aide to the understanding and comprehension of the book. I believe it was the intention of the revelators to bring us a literary work that would stand the test of time, just at the right time in history before the world converted to the new forms of audio/visual media and eventually the internet of today as the accumulating library of humanity.. so the book needs to be shared with the world in as many ways as possible, some of us have a talent for visually portraying the concepts with symbols, diagrams, etc.. and this is a great project. Count me in as a contributor.

  2. Thanks. It's been a long time coming.