Friday, December 23, 2011

More Native Client

It's been an eventful month. I made it through my first full Native Client compile of the system. Of course, my first run  on the browser did nothing. No indication of anything working at all. It's time to start looking at ways to debug the code on this new type of Internet system.

My first view of any activity on the Chrome browser will be a banner day. Maybe Saturday.

Did I mention that every top gaming platform in the world has jumped on the Native Client system. Did I pick this one right or what. I was reminded that the actual start of this system began in 1991. Never was much at remembering actual times. That means I started this system 20 years ago.... WOW.

I need to keep reminding myself of what I've already accomplished. A full visual programming environment that can be updated remotely without the need of shutting the system down. No compiling necessary. I believe sincerely that my system or a system just like mine will be used as a future programming platform. And to top that, a full animated 3d environment that is based on that programming environment. It would a real shame not to give it to the world.

Anyway I'd better not get too deep into that kind of thinking else I start building an ego that would destroy the sincerity I desperately depend on to keep clarity of thought.

I'm still riding on this fantastic and thrilling track that has the chance of changing the computing world into a place where logic is seen visually and easily understood and manipulated.

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