Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hal and the trip to Paradise and Word Search.

It takes a lot of time to develop a worthwhile program. Word search is not complete and won't be for another year or more. Even more  for the 3d trip to Paradise that works on smartphones. It will though, unless I'm gone from this world or simply can't work any longer.

For the last few months I've spent most of my time developing Hal, my automation program, splitting some time for the word search. Hal was used in the creation of the trip to paradise, which only worked on Windows and Linux and didn't have much of an audience, although the people who used it liked it. Now the world has moved on to smartphones and tablets. Hal automated the Power Plant at Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa and still runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The thing about desktop computers, except for Linux, there's no easy installation system like Google Play and Apple Store that are tested for viruses so the trust level is pretty low. Android and Apple, though, test the installable programs for viruses and trojans, so it is safe to install and not worry about these major problems.

Most of my work has been on desktops and I've done quite a few programs for many a company since 1981 or so. The Word Search program is basically a desktop program that can run on smartphones. It will, though, be converted to a more modern user interface and will look prettier and be more friendly. I had to get it working though, and so I put off the conversion to QML from Qt, a nice phone interface, because I didn't need it. Using the interface, though, has so many limitations that it's time to make the switch. Hal will also take the switch to this new interface system and the trip to paradise will be done in it also. Although I don't have the time for the trip to Paradise as I am currently updating Hal to work with cameras and after that Hal will then use artificial intelligence in many of it's systems. I will split my time about 80/20 between Hal and the Urantia work like the word search system. 80 Hal, 20 Urantia.

Anyway I'll be updating this blog fairly often now.


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