Monday, July 23, 2018

Word Search

The Word Search program works. It's written in the older style windowing desktop system so it leaves a lot to be desired. Later, I'll convert it to Qt's QML, which will look and feel like a smartphone app. Yet it works on Android smartphones and can be downloaded from the Google play store. Type in my name 'Pierre Chicoine' or multiple word search Urantia and it should send you to it. When Qt, the software system I use, is updated to run Webassembly which is a new way of us mere language people to write to browsers, Ill be able to do Apple phones.

There is a hinky selection system that I cannot fix as it belongs to a system that I have no control of but it doesn't get in the way too much.

There are several things that it does.

1. You can select multiple words and you will receive all paragraph references within the Urantia Book in a list that when clicked will open the book and fill one paper with your search words highlighted. If you click on the paragraph tab then all the paragraphs in the book will open that satisfies your word search.

2. You can 'OR' search, the 'AND' is silent so if you type 3 words, it will return all the references where those 3 words appear in one paragraph.

3. When a word is clicked on in the word search, the thesaurus words that relate to that word appear in a box to the right. All the thesaurus words are unique to the book. They can replace your search word, which helps.

4. There is a tab that can be used to search for word distance between words. That is, give me all references for word that are 5000 words apart and all reference for those will be returned.

5. There is a tab form that has all the words in the book. It can be used to find all the words that start with a certain word and they can be added to the search box. For instance: Type 'ap' and all words that start with 'ap' like apple, aptitude will appear when the button is clicked.

6. There's a table of contents that is organized in a tree and can be used to jump rapidly to anywhere in the book.

7. There's a suffix system which I will incorporate into the search later. Not explanatory as yet.

When you click on the Words tab for the first time, it takes a few seconds to fill in. After that it's immediate. It needs a little wait icon.

Later, if I get a chance, I'll start adding the ability to click on Internet references. As of now, there's only 55 users, so I guess I have to make it friendlier.


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