Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Desktop Word Index Version of the Book working and ready for Google Native Client

I've been splitting my time between two events, the eventual release of Native Client by Google's Internet programming team so that I can release the 3d version on the Internet and the Index of the Urantia Book

Both will be able to be used on the Internet from a direct address without downloading anything. Google is working feverishly on Native Client and are probably going to release a full version sometime this year. 

As a developer, I've been creating the Index of the book as a test for the net and for the Virtual Urantia program. It works on desktops now. It may work on the Internet soon and exist on an actual page as the full version of Native Client is not needed. No Download needed. It features rapid word index searches and quick access to any part of the book through references and a tree'd content view. It also features a unique thesaurus restricted to the Urantia Book words only.

I'm close to release with this word index search of the Urantia Book. 

Below are a few views of the Word Index Search program. These show the basic working of the program. It is very fast at looking up stuff in the book and is small enough to work on a cell phone. I have it working on my N900. It needs a lot of features added but can be used as is. 

Also, you'll notice, I am currently running this on Kubuntu. On Native Client, it works on Apple computers, Windows, LinuxUnix and cell phones. I've added a shot of N900 phone as I use it at my study group. I want to add the power to save favorite references of the book on the net so that everyone has access to them and everyone can add their own in a structured way so that they can be separated easily but those are dreams and programming takes a long time to do. 

Stay tuned and I will release as soon as I have my current Native Client version working with any kind of stability.

Persistence and sincerity and then more persistence and sincerity and then.............

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