Sunday, May 1, 2011

Urantia Book Index and Native Client on QT

Well I've tried my best getting around any problems with Native Client with QT but it's just not ready for prime time yet. Doesn't work in Windows. You can freeze up the window pretty easily. But it does work on Ubuntu or Linux until something quirky happens that freezes the program. After you've downloaded it, you can use it till it freezes. You won't need to wait for the download again though, which helps. At 35 megabyte, depending on your machine, it takes a bit of time. 3 minutes on my machine at home.

If you're curious and own Linux, please try it. If you own an Apple, I would really appreciate you trying this out and let me know if it even appears on your screen.  A prior blog explains how to set up Chrome.

This first link just loads the word index but doesn't reference the book at all. Typically, it will last without freezing, that is, unless you use the scroll wheel on your mouse or don't do any multiple selections, you'll be able to see all words in the book listed.

This is a full working version. You can select a word and click the tabs to travel to either a list of references where the book has the result of the query, the paragraph tab shows all the text of each paragraph with highlighted references. The book tab itself, presents an entire paper, navigation is through the content tab which can jump immediately to any part of the book rather quickly. The book has a few problems, not of concern though, I will get to all those problems soon.

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