Thursday, May 5, 2011

Index on Native Client and Qt on Windows

I have the index appearing in Windows now, probably works on Apples too.


Seems that two flags have to be set to run these programs on any currently supported platforms. First, type into the Chrome address bar 'about:flags', scroll down to Native Client and enable it. Then type in 'about:plugins' and scroll down and enable NACL plugin and then it works everywhere on X86 based machines. Of course, I still have the problem of freezing up on Native Client but I am confident that the Qt guys will get to the bottom of this instability. It's enough to know that I've come this far. It's really exciting.

I can't wait till I have restricted file access(there's no way I would want anyone from a browser to have access to the local file system), P2P (peer to peer networking) and OpenGL ES 2 (3d capability). It'll really be the best year I've had in the computer business. The year I could both release my automation system and begin Internet work on the book.

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