Monday, November 15, 2010

Native Client

Both Saturday and Sunday I spent trying to compile Native Client and Qt. No luck, not really a lost weekend as I'm relearning the ins and outs of Linux again. I'm done with Windows, just too many security risks, that is, for development. I will, though, recompile (recreate) the program on it at intermittent intervals. Anyway, without Qt, I have no Native Client and with no Native Client, no Internet.

Received an email back from Morten Sorvig at Nokia. He's explained that he stopped working on Qt compiling in Native Client until they release Pepper 2. This is more of the real thing as Pepper 1 was the release that didn't support all the sandboxed protection on the Net. They're a month late, so any day now.  

A lot of people think that this computer business is changing too quickly. From my vantage point, it's like Molasses. It's worth the wait, though.

Back to working with QT3D and the conversion to OpenGL ES2. I'll put together the scenarios and functions to show that I can't, as yet, get it working with large scenes or they haven't handled it yet. Both Power Plant and Virtual Urantia need large scene efficiency and I haven't found the secret that will allow Qt3D to be efficient with large scenes yet.

I'm doing double duty here. I'm working on my own version of converting to OpenGL ES2 without QT3D for now. I can't be sure that their system will be ready or capable as yet to go full speed. The worst thing that can happen to a programmer is to up against a wall without a way out.

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