Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Qt3d not ready

Wow. It took a couple of months of work to figure out that I can't use Qt3D, at least, not yet. As it stands, it's just too slow when used in conjunction with my system. When they've cleared up a few problems, especially the way they apply objects, I'll engage the code and try again.That was a very difficult decision to make. Upgrading to OpenGL ES2 is even more difficult using my old approach but I have no choice as of today.

I cleared up a few problems with some Qt upgrades. No objects could be created from menu and key presses are ignored, don't know why, somewhere along the line, Qt changed the way they do things and it's up to me to keep up with those changes. 3d development is gruesome but it's the holy grail.

Anyway, no matter how long it takes, I plan on having a system that deals with this book the way it deserves to be dealt with. Period.....

If I had unlimited funds, those funds would go into the creation of 3d views of the Urantia Book's concepts. Using the system, I plan on licensing it and using that to fund hiring people to create objects like the Jerusem circles. These objects can then be used, painted and manipulated by the system.

Onward and upward

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