Sunday, November 21, 2010

Upgrade Failure on N900

Got impatient and tried getting an update on the embedded platform.

Using Qt3d and the Nokia SDK, I am unable to get a working copy of the Virtual Urantia book on the N900 cell phone. I'll be waiting till the Nokia SDK releases with version 4.7 or 4.8. For now, it's still working with version 4.6 which unfortunately doesn't support the new Qt3D SDK.I could try to compile the 4.7 Qt source with the Maemo (the operating system for the N900) toolkit but I have better things to do than to get impatient and waste time when I'll be able to do it with the next version of Nokia's SDK for devices.

It would be nice as I can show off my progress to Marlene and also prove to myself that what I'm doing will work with the OpenGL ES2 hardware.

Oh well. I have other things to do. Back to Object Picking on Qt3d.

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