Monday, December 27, 2010

Jerusem Circles And Picking

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I'm working on the Jerusem Circles. I'm using Blender to create them and when they're done, I'll put them in the Virtual Urantia System as both a separate scene and on the Jerusem sphere itself. Finally, a bit more content from the book. Programming takes so much time that content becomes a low priority. Can't wait till Native Client is released in the first quarter. It's got me really excited. The idea that when I make a change or add content to the system, it'll be immediately seen around the world sends shivers of excitement through my bones. I hope it is everything that Google says it will be.

A little more on the circles. The circles are interesting. The centers have different structures. One is a monolithic, transparent crystal that is 50 miles in diameter and serves as the administrative center of the system. Another has 619 temples acting as a working model for Edentia. It's forty miles in diameter and is an actual reproduction of Edentia true to the original in every detail. Wow! Splendor comes to mind.

I believe the circles and triangles and gardens of Jerusem will probably be second in detail to Urantia itself. Urantia has this broad history running through it's evolution and then it's detailed history right up to modern times. I haven't decided how to approach changing the times on screen yet. Maybe a double clock floating in midair to the right of the planet. One showing large scales to be selected and the second being a finer split of time. When the hands are changed you see changes taking place on the planet.

I've figured out how I will program the flowing of the races across the planet. Imagine seeing the racial colors blend and seeing the colors float across continents while seeing the clock move it's hands. I'll use a morph shader for that one. Everything is ready in the desktop world, but alas, not in the world of the Internet, which I realize is the only world that is going to matter. One must be persistent and tackle the grunt work if beauty is to be expressed.

With that thought, picking has become quite a problem. Qt3D may have a real problem with picking, picking once again, is that act of selecting a hand on the time clock of the Earth I was mentioning and then moving the hands forward or backward. There's a problem when having large amounts of objects in a scene where I use the same geometry across different objects, like spheres maybe, where it picks the original geometry only. That won't work. Hopefully, I can be ready by the start of the New Year to explain to the 3d team what is taking place within their system that is causing this picking problem.Or maybe I'm doing something wrong. The brain, though, is ready to handle all the tasks of passing the clock's hand changes to the system. That works and has worked for a long time now. The brain that drives the Virtual Urantia system works well, it runs Power Plants and all the features that are needed to create the trip to Paradise are there in the desktop world but not in the Internet world. Once I'm done getting this OpenGL ES2 and Internet jump, content will once again take first priority. Nothing but fun here.

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