Friday, December 17, 2010

This picking thing is taking a while

Since I can't seem to get Qt3d's system working on picking, I'll add the code into a sample cube scene program. If it doesn't work there, I'll add it to Qt3D's bug list and send them the program. The're really a responsive group.

Also, on the embedded side, the instrumentation computer from Wago (their automation systems are worldwide) won't support 3D accelerated graphics. It makes me wonder how many TV's will support the running of 3D programs from the Internet. Since some of them use the 3D glasses, I should have a lot of success with the new TV's.

Here's the correspondence I sent to Wago, leaving out names.

Using the Mesa 3D package, I can still use the IPC. It  wouldn't have any acceleration or shader effects, so I would lower the 3D frame rate to a crawl but they can still see their stuff in 3d. I'm hoping that your engineers will use the OMAP 4 TI CPU. A local Panda Board, which has a twin ARM based solution with a 3d graphics accelerator, connected to your local ethernet based coupler will give me 3d accelerated graphics. At 175.00 plus the cost of a 5 volt power supply and cables for the touch screen will work.

Thanks for the effort

Pierre Chicoine

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