Saturday, December 4, 2010

Up And Running on the N900

Did my compile for the N900, it worked. The N900 is Nokia's Linux phone based on the OMAP Arm embedded processor. I have a ways to go and a lot of programming to get the basic primitives back up and running on the Omap Arm processor. The program runs but no 3D. Had some two months ago, so I have some backtracking to do to get cubes back up on the system. First cubes and rectangles, then lines, then cylinders, then spheres, then complex objects and a few other dynamically created shapes and I'm home free. Maybe by 2011, I'll have 3D up and running on embedded platforms. Then when Native Client releases and is made to run on Qt, I'll be running everywhere and I can concentrate on getting content and pretty scenes up for the book.

When all that's done, I'll be licensing the system. Can't wait to get there.

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