Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Index is working on Symbian and Maemo cell phones

Wow. Eventful couple of days. I can use the Urantia Book index from my Nokia N900 phone. Really had to work at getting just the needed information on screen as the screen real estate is really small. Will show it off at the meeting tonight. Of course, anyone can read the book on a phone using the system.

The book index is now a stand alone program so it's a lot smaller. That will make it easier to download. When I'm done here in the next few days, I'll send it up to the Nokia site for Symbian and Maemo phones to install from. Also I will place a Linux Debian (Ubuntu, Kubuntu and many others) and Windows program on my site for download.

As a side note, I have a content tree in one of the tabs that allows quick jump access to any part of the book.

The thesaurus is in the database but is not being used by the word lookup engine just yet. By next week. There's a few bugs cutting off words when creating the original index. Generally, though, it's working. Will fix them this week.

So to recap, by next week, I should have Symbian and Maemo phones, Windows and Linux desktops able to use the Urantia Book index.

Still waiting for Native Client, though, it's what will give me all computers and cell phones from the Internet.

Most people are trying to catch up to the changes in technology. In my field, we're always waiting for technology to catch up to our needs.

It's nothing but fun here.

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