Sunday, April 10, 2011

Indexing Plans

It took 45 seconds to start the index program on my n900 cell phone. It's just too slow starting up. Runs really well once it's started though. I have to do better and I can. The database is 45 megabyte with the thesaurus stuff. And the program loads most of it when it starts. It's obvious that is the problem.

Theres a better and faster way. First I don't need a sqlite database to store the index info as the book is static and doesn't need to change which is why I would need a database engine. So I'll keep the info in a file. In this way, I can keep all the pointer math in short integers and many other things can be done. I believe I can shorten by at least 3/4. Maybe more.

Also, I can store the index directly into the program. That's really exciting because Native Client will work without loading files so if it's built in, no file needs opening. I believe I can be up and running now. Wow.! That's just unbelievably exciting. The next few days will tell the tale. Maybe, if all goes well, in a couple of weeks.

Of course, there's a tale of the best laid plans of mice and men. Anyway......

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