Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The first part of the Thesaurus is done. I was surprised at how many Thesauri exist online that can be used without needing to pay royalties. Is that a word 'Thesauri'? Anyway, the database is loaded with all the word to word synonym connections of the words that exist in the book. Tonight, I'll be separating the index program out from the Virtual Urantia system and making it stand alone. After it's ready, I'll create the different operating system versions. I can do Linux, Windows, Symbian and Maemo, so it's still only in downloadable form and only capable of running on systems I can use directly. Sorry Apple guys, I don't have an Apple machine yet. Wished Native Client was up and running, I'd have it running everywhere from the net but it's difficult to tell when they'll have it ready. I'm guessing within 2011.

Also I've separated the index lookup system in smaller chunks using tabs so that a smaller screen can accommodate using the lookups on small cell phone screens. If I'm not done tonight, certainly in the next few days. I'll then place it on the Virtual Urantia site for download.

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