Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Indexing Indexing Indexing

I'm back from creating the next level of the automation system on the commercial side and am working on the index of the book. After having so many problems crop up from attempting to place the Jerusem Circles into the Virtual Urantia Book, I've decided I'd better wait till technology catches up to me and do something I'm familiar with.

There are several ways of indexing that I'm excited about. The first, of course, is working. Selecting a group of words and I immediately show how many times it appears in the book and give you all the references in a table and all the paragraphs with the word(s) highlighted. So on to the next step. First a thesaurus of the book. I can program that tonight, I hope. Then a reconnection of words to words based on the book's thesaurus so that the index engine can connect and show those. For example: If you select the word 'house', it'll show you all the places where abode shows up also and so on throughout all the thesaurus connections. Gotta do some thinking on how to select out words that are meaningless to the search.

Secondly. I'll work on the quotes around a group of words after that. Tricky if you use thesaurus words as in quote replacements but can be done. Next, instead of paragraphs, select by page and last but not least, search word to word distances, that is, if you're looking for 'home' and you type '1000' in the distance box, the system will give you all the words typed in that exist within 1000 words from each other.

Everything I've done for the English translation will work for the French, Spanish, Russian etc. I've tried indexing the French edition, quite a few problems. It's doable though, Spanish and Russian too.

Till I've left this planet, I'll be doing this stuff.

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