Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The Thesaurus is created and the thesaurus window is open and it's setting the thesaurus words into it when a word is entered. Now I'll make it so that they can double click on the thesaurus word that they would like to add to the word window and then I'll add an 'OR' with parentheses around the word and it's thesaurus equivalent, then I can run through the book on an 'OR' instead of 'AND' on every paragraph. I'll also add an 'AND' when they click on words from the index word list on the right. If they type in directly, then I'll add the 'AND' automatically. 

Also have to create a help file. Probably be an HTML file created with some HTML document creator and that way they can read the help file. Maybe some Youtube videos showing how to do it.

It's coming along.

This coming week, I'll be attempting to place the index system on the Internet with Native Client's latest release. That should be interesing.

In this picture the top left window is the window you type in. The bottom left list window shows the thesaurus list relating to the current word being typed in. The word list to the right shows all the words in the Urantia Book. This is a view on a Nokia N900 phone. This will be available across all computers if I can get it up with Native Client.

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