Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Digs at Native Client

My first priority is getting the index working on the book. Got my first taste of what it takes to get the system up on the net with Native Client. I make changes by inserting pre-processor statements in the language I use (c++) and these statements cause the system to ignore parts of my code (commands to the computer brain). I added about 1700 changes yesterday to ignore pieces of code that aren't supported. First, I compile over and over again. A compiler changes my English-like c++ language statements into 1's and 0's understood by computer brain. Then I look at the errors accumulated by the compiler and then I type in the changes to fix those errors. Considering so much is not supported yet, there we're a lot of errors unsupported in by the Qt lighthouse system for Native Client. After those 1700 changes were made, I still had 2632 errors left to fix. I certainly won't finish those today. To be fair, though, when I make a change, the system makes a few changes so I've actually probably edited over 500 lines of code and those were mainly cut and paster stuff so before my I exaggerate too much I need to check my need for accuracy.

It feels really good to get this far. Just from what I've done, I have very little doubt that Native Client can do it. That is, I'm pinning my hopes on it. It's my code that is being fit into it and I trust my code to do what needs to be done, even if it's a partial application.

It's almost unbelievable that I can take all the software work and knowledge I've accumulated since 1981 and put it onto the Internet. Not only the software decades, but also all the electronic work since I was 14. What fun. Say what you will about Google but they are my new friends now. Yes, I know that their real test is coming as a company. Will they have the fortitude to stay the course? Or will their top people buckle under the force of power and money? Time will tell. They have kept their code open-sourced and Native Client is under that umbrella.

I will make money on the automation side of this system. Yes, but people will be able to use it without having to pay me. They will be able to automate and view their homes and businesses on the Internet in 3d without having to continuously shell out from their wallets. They will use my system free of charge. How will I make money from the system to support it? From designers and part suppliers that help you create a 3d automated view of your home or business or building. It's easy to design your view of your home or business and you can use your own parts or install your own stuff and bypass me completely and still use the system without any purchases. So what I do for the Urantia movement, I will do for the automation side of the world also. Using virtualized 3d objects, I can do both using the same system.

I was having a discussion with Dave about the nature of the Adamic bestowal the other day and I needed to know where in the book it mentioned what accomplished the age. Using the index, I found it in less a second after I typed in a few words. I was surprised by his reaction, he said something like 'What's this, where did you get this', it took me by surprise. Something I created could have a reaction from a reader in this way? I have to get this index out there as soon as I can.

Anyway, soon an index that can be used to quickly go through the Ubook It already works on a Windows computer but soon all x86 based computers over the Internet. That's real power. Life is good.

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