Monday, February 21, 2011

Just too exciting

Wow, I've downloaded everything I need to get 2d up and running on the Internet. It's all downhill from here. I'm like a kid in a candy store. It's tough just sitting at the computer keyboard. I'm pacing up and down the length of my home thinking about all the different things I can do with my system on the net. It's like a dream come true. Well OK, it's time to start compiling the Lighthouse version of Qt with Morten's patches and see how Native Client reacts to it. When I get the Qt examples of Native Client running, I'm ready for to start compiling my system. I'm hoping I'll be ready in two days to start with the system. Wow! What a day, what a day.

Also,early this morning, for a couple of hours, I studied the 'Punch Hole' technique of getting peer to peer working on the Internet. It's a way for 2 computers to talk to each other over the Internet. You use it when you're looking at your home with a camera or with Skype. Anyway, computers talk to each other with something similar to a phone number, they use numbered addresses. When you talk to or, you're really using a hidden number address. There are computers that take the name that you've typed in to your browser and convert them to numbers (DNS computers) and then your computer can now connect to those big servers directly using those numbers.

Well the problem with home computers is that they are really designed to talk to server computers on the net, not very well to each other because you're actual number is hidden and then changed through that router that connects to the Internet that's probably in your living room. Since we had a shortage of addresses on the net, they devised a way to use one address for a set of computers hidden behind a router and that would use only one address. The new version on the Internet IPV6 will have enough addresses for everyone in the world including all the coffee pots and refrigerators that'll be connected to your repairman.

Anyway, using my website, I'll ask your computer to send me your addresses on the net, which is probably temporary, and then I can connect two computers together, that way you can send stuff through the system to other people connected to the trip to Paradise. Getting the system to share content from person to person will be really important. For instance: Everyone viewing a study group remotely and taking part. I was even thinking about putting up a virtual table and placing the videos of everyone video connected around the virtual table. That way, you could extend the table through the wall using either a flat screen or one of those new Oled wallpaper screens that are soon coming and it would look like they are part of the group.

Nothing but fun thoughts here.


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