Thursday, February 17, 2011

QT is working on Native client

As developers we stand on other peoples shoulders to get things working. Writing any program can be a very difficult endeavor so we use libraries that do a lot of the work for us.

Libraries come from an evolution that have taken steps of power throughout the years. First we talked 0's and 1's, then we used pnemonics, that is, shorthand words that replaced strings of those two numbers. Then we created languages that brought about much more intuitive english-like statements that could be combined to form a program that represented those same 0's and 1's.

Then we created libraries of pieces of these programs so that the discrete functions could be called from our programs.

A movement that deeply affected the programming world was the birth of open-source communities around the globe that left their libraries in central repositories.

These communities were realized to be sources of knowledge that could be used to create large conglomerations of programs and libraries. That's how Linux, the operating system was born.

Although the story is far more complex as it involved large companies like ATT, the Berkeley operating system (BSD), Unix and others, Europe's mistrust of our court system, helped lead us in the direction of programming freedom and power.

One such library was Qt. Qt was one of the main driving forces that came out of Norway that allowed developers to create the KDE front end to Linux, the operating system (OS) . This library ran across multiple OS's and I took this switch from single operating system libraries in 2001 by using it.

Sitting under the Virtual Urantia program is this library along with others that give me the ability to present the Urantia Book in this fashion.A deep question arises when I ponder the size of this endeavor. Will I live long enough to get it working to a degree where others can use it productively? Can I make it attractive enough to gather a force of people to use it as a springboard to higher ways of expressing the intellectual prowess of the book? And above that, can I create a system capable of expressing the truth, beauty and goodness of the book?

Qt on the pepper 2 Native Client library was made possible yesterday and I face the daunting task of taking my system into it's complex, intertwined pathways of libraries and mixtures of venerable C++ libraries and Internet languages that speak the Internet.

I face this task with a deep feeling of passion, fear of complexity and excitement. That it is possible that my dream can be realized.

I found within the covers of the Urantia Book a majesty that can't be expressed in words, only in spirit.  I will take to my end of days the knowledge and beauty and internal serenity that I find lacking in so many people on this funny little planet.

The world deserves the greatness of this book and I realize fully the distrust of religious bodies that have failed in their duty of searching for real truth instead of ease seeking without the common sense of philosophy and the clarity of the scientific world.

These confused little childen have made the road to truth difficult but not impossible, they themselves are waiting for us to show them the way. The fact that there is a father to life and that we are his children. Not children who hide from him but who stand transparent as friends and  have made decisions on our own without any direct coercion from him who loves us so deeply and affectionately.
I must not take unearned recognition yet I know that I will need to market this program to readers and non-readers alike. This  method of presenting 3 dimensional, animated, information is second to none. I believe the revelators took it into consideration but realized this method would need to be implemented by humans themselves as the involvement is very personal.

I have watched engineers recognize information presented to them in 2D and 3D and seen the results. I realized long ago that the brain is a 3D viewing platform and anything else would be interpretive at  best. Information placed in a 3D world is seen from a billion angles.

I am devoted to this endeavor.


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