Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Urantia Book

Did I mention that reading the Urantia Book was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me? There is no doubt in my mind that no other event can possibly be greater than the pleasure of understanding the capacity and depth and beauty of the Urantia Book and it's worlds. Tickling every part of my scientific mind, the depths of my philosophies, the lost reaches of my early religious rejections and the ecstatic vistas of being (personality as the book describe it). Before the book, I had turned atheist and with good reason. After the book, I couldn't imagine life without the father of life, he's the one eternal friend that will take me an extremely long time to get to know. Now, I just get glimpses of his beauty and the fantastic beings and places I will be visiting and sharing with the friends I've made here on Earth.

Sometimes, it's still difficult to believe that this book is real until I start reading it again and then.........

To the ones who brought it here: Thank you.

Pierre Chicoine (me)

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