Friday, February 25, 2011

Native Client again

Well tomorrow is the big day when I start converting my 10 million character program to work with the beginnings of Native Client. They don't support 3d graphics or connections to other computers yet (sockets), but I know that's coming so I'm going to have the compile system ignore large swaths of the program so that I can get the basics working.

It's kind of a two headed process for Native Client and the Qt SDK. First Native Client supports the feature, lets say sockets, then Qt's lighthouse project gets their socket side working with Native Client's socket stuff and then I can unhide the part of the program that talks using these sockets to other computers.

It's a long road but the first step starts tomorrow. My first conversion will only incorporate 2d text and windowing work that I've done getting the word index and table of contents lookup system on the book working. It's an exciting time.

Anyway that's it, another chapter to a long road home.

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